Your Leather

by France Camp

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released July 3, 2011


all rights reserved



France Camp Minneapolis, Minnesota

France camp is made up of four pretty strong biceps
France Camp-Singing, Problems
James Wolfeatens-Shredtown, Philosophy
Dylan Rosebringth- Drummer, Thee filthiest slut
Kyle Kimm-True bass, Expert in the fields.

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Track Name: Bone Home
well ive travelled the land and my boots have filled with sand ive got everything i want i got my hand on your hip and i really wanna dip with you and my man is by my side on his motorbike we ride from the west coast home from the hills to rocky shores ive got mine and youve got yours on my heart strings you pull
Track Name: Lets Roll
hey honey, honey i dont understand because you acting like you know this man i wanna see how your acting when im not around i wanna be the only person that you know in town baby we can dance the night into morning if we can drink the days away. i got a promise that i cannot make telling you that i can get you home by eight i can try to swing it around nine or ten but thats gonna be in the a.m. oh baby baby its a crying shame look forward take it back and dont be late we got a days work ahead of us lets hit the town i wanna be the only person that your seen around. got my leather and my hairs just right so lets roll i dlove to be your man tonight so lets roll
Track Name: Hi Noon
sunday morning with my sister ray its only different cuz its all the same im walking down third to meet my girl trying to gather up my morning legs i said whats up to my neighbor greg he said hes all good but what about me? i said listen buddy real real close. im not as half as bad as you half hope im just walking down third to meet my girl
Track Name: More Roses
i miss you
Track Name: Me Abroad
All I wanna do is hold ya, in the morning on my sofa if you just gave it some time id love to make you mine all i wanna do is hold ya because what it means to me is more then the cost of being poor my minds a factory that stores all the memories we adore all i really wants to see ya every person wants to be us if we just gave it some time a corona and a lime all i really wants to see ya what it means to me is more then the cost of being poor and in my fantasies i saw a place for you and me abroad
Track Name: Heavy Heart
Come on pretty mama, i dont wanna say it you should be the first one to know i got a four letter word and i know its right for her. tell me all your secrets tell me bout your weekend i should be the first one to know well im putting myself out there cuz im hopin you hope so. and im the kinda guy who wont let you down when your heart gets heavy i will stick around cuz i wont let it go i wont let it be ill be there for youu you were there for me and im the kinda guy who will hold your hand i gott all the patience you could need in a man

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